Welcome to my online creative portfolio. I created this site with the aim of showcasing my writing, both published and unpublished. If you are interested in reading my short stories, blog serial, poems, please scroll down to “Categories.” You can also learn a couple of African proverbs; wisdom in just a few words.


Some Literature Highlights:

Short Story: We make our way down narrow streets, pass people staring hauntingly through open windows. Tattered pieces of clothes are hanging on the lines above us. Fresh bloodstains on the walls and destroyed vehicles suggest a recent shootout.
(When Your Killer Could Have Been A Child Soldier)
Poem: Teasing, turning, I can feel you, my love in the gentle winds arriving with your scent, the sweet smell on the landscape of your skin so soft I can feel you near; your hands tracing lines of desire on my chest.
(Where Your Heart Lies, stanza 1)

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