Black Widow









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I have always been fascinated by spiders. Lately, the black widow tops the list. Below is a poem dedicated to the deadly spider

Oh silk weaver,
into your reclusion
have I helplessly flown.
At the mouth of this white valley,
dead feelers, broken wings
speak of silent misery ahead.

Tread. Drop. Dread drop.

Defying a network of tangled, sticky fibre,
you come running with ease.
Your face is a bud of mystery:
what welcome lies in your kiss?
How well have you seen a ladybird
that her mirrored-self holds
in your glassy dark eyes?

Up side down,
you watch me from
a porous dome.
Death-dance for this stance.
Upon your return,
I learn the taker’s taste.
Force a rug needle
into my narrow nose;
force it right into my core.

You make me watch
as you disembowel my belly.
Inside a silken casket,
you my ears.

5 thoughts on “Black Widow

    1. Ah! Don’t underestimate the black widow because of its size. Its sting can knock a man out for an hour our more. Well, it usually doesn’t attack man, but it has the potential to if it feels threatened. Also, the females are more poisonous than their male counterparts. As I am made to believe by some researchers, the female kill the male after mating.

      1. I promise you, I am not underestimating their potential. As I say, in Australia we have the Red Back spider, which looks much like that, and they are deadly. A healthy adult will survive the bite, but an old person, a sick person or a child can be dead very quickly. Unfortunately, Red Backs like to live around houses and in particular, in the outside toilet!

          1. Australia is a weird country. In your country you have lions and hippos and other big things that kill. Around Australia we have sharks and crocodiles in the north, but on land we don’t have a really dangerous predator – dingoes being it. But the snakes (not counting pythons) are deadly, the spiders are deadly, and the sea is deadly for the blue-ringed octopus (which is small and incredibly cute – but will leave you dead inside half an hour), and – again to the north – box jellyfish, known as Stingers which can stop your heart.

            Our big creatures are kangaroos and wallabies and wombats – all vegetarian, yet most of our crawlies are killers – I’ve never understood WHY. Makes it interesting living in the wild, though, but at least we didn’t have to worry about lions. 🙂

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