Morning To The Grave

It is time to leave. The moment is here. I can feel tears welling up in my eyes. I turn to where the little child is lying fast asleep. Her lips have formed a smile, such a wonderful smile that makes me imagine she must be dreaming right now. She must be dreaming the sweet dream – one of a thousand suns, butterflies dancing as she sits for breakfast, or…

I shake my head. It’s all worthless.

I walk over to her mother’s side, bend low to kiss her forehead, but pause midway. I have failed her. I have failed the little girl. I have failed my family. I failed my very good, old friend. It is about time I put an end to all of this…hopefully for good.

As I sit to lace my shoes, I hear a soft moan, then some senseless grumble as the spring of the bed creaks under human weight. Even in her sleep, she is finding it hard to cope with this unfolding reality. This I know for sure. I take out my handkerchief and dab my eyes dry.

I shake my head again. Life is worthless – it is a story told by a fool on the fireside.

I pull out the letter I had secretly began to compose a day before. Hopefully I can find the right ending, one to give her hope when I am gone. It’s all my fault, but I must take the truth to the grave. And save her this embarrassment and shame.

So I start the last paragraph:

Tell Sha’afatu her Papa has gone to the mountains. Tell her not to find me now. She must first go to school and learn the white man’s language. She must achieve her dream of becoming the first African astronaut to land on the moon. If Mother nature has no need for me by then, I should be with her…This I promise. I’ll be looking after her along with the stars.

As for you, Halima, I will always love you. You are my all, my life.

I think it is my best way of saying goodbye. The hangman’s rope will be waiting now.

8 thoughts on “Morning To The Grave

  1. You are worth reading my brother for you have been delivered into your heart and spirit a great and wonderful gift from God! You are a master storyteller by nature! I really like reading your words they have so much of your life’s light within them. Besides being a brother, you now become my friend! Blessings to you and never stop writing! I believe that each day being one to itself and since i know not what the final outcome will be, i write as much as i can each day. And if i awake again tommorrow i happily begin again…Sharing with others with others is a powerful blessing as you will grow and blossom immensely. Thanks for reading my poems!

  2. A master storyteller? My-o-my! Thanks for enriching my day with these lovely words and so much more! Sure, God’s light will shine on you tomorrow and the days ahead. You’ve added meaning to my life as a person and I’ll be looking forward to your comments, words of wisdom, and review (if possible).

    Oh for your poems? Just know your poems touch me in ways words can’t describe.

    Thanks for calling me your friend and brother. That’s exactly what you mean to me.

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