Do You?

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Do You?

Will I be able
to see you again,
to gift your ears
with flaming words of desire?
And to have yours in return –
beautiful as the early whispers
of a New Year

So far away, a thought away
I stretch out to find you
The words overflow in your absence
I’ve been thinking…
Where are you at?
Do you ever
feel the same way?

6 thoughts on “Do You?

  1. A beautiful flow, with a smooth rythmn. You all that your heart feels in the most simplistic way…the way of deep longing and desire…awesome poem! You have a nice style in the way you write and deliver your thoughts!

    1. I actually wrote the poem for a challenge a year ago. Unfortunately I didn’t post it as a result of illness (malaria). So when I started this blog, I remembered the poem, dug it up, and posted. Glad you find my style quite appealing and commented as well 🙂

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