Nigeria: good people, great nation?


I know the tales of the past
But which one is true,
I do not know.

They said the white ones came
And our elders smiled
Into neck chains.

I heard they came – with black books –
And turned our black skin
White with whips.

Now, mothers – suited – deny the wrappers,
Our men – collared – discard the hoes
Youth – wise – steal forbidden fruits.

But those are just few of the tales –
The many hued tales –
I have heard.

Say, what happened,
Two scores before the millennium,
When we traded shackles for handshakes?

Seven calendar turns:
Squabbles over porridge
Boiling, steaming and scalding.

I was there, I heard it:
Apples defied charmed armors
And made the Fool free in his folly at forty.

Demo. Crazy. Derivation. Zoning.
Slice the cake and run. None will say stop?
Crumbs. Potholes. Darkness. Bombs. Indigenes…

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    1. I agree and stay prayerful. My husband Pastor Adeyemi was speaking to me just today about Nigerian Independence Day and how he prays for change in the country leadership.

  1. True words of wisdom, my sis. We can only hope and pray. Most of our politicians are Ambassadors of Poverty (people who have their heads abroad and bottoms at home).

    My warmest regard to your hubby.

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