Jailer – Asa

Not a typical song on this day of Independence. But her (Asa) song has a lot to tell. And I frown at those Jailers with fattened stomachs who have decided to keep us behind imaginary bars like prisoners right inside our own country.

Corruption still blows like a harsh wind from the Sahara.

9 thoughts on “Jailer – Asa

  1. Oh my. Wow! I am not Nigerian, but I LOVE this song! Such a rhythm, such a cool beat, such great words, such a great song, so catchy, and what a wonderful singer! What a voice she has! Such passion and feeling come through in her singing. Wow. Love this song. Thank you for introducing me to it, something I wouldn’t have heard otherwise. You have a great blog here, thoughtful posts, very good writing.

    1. Thank you soooooooo much, Scriptor! Glad you found Asa’s song very interesting. She’s one of my top favorites and is a very gifted composer. I agree with you that her voice is unique.

      1. Is she really popular in Nigeria? Or is she more popular abroad? I think I heard one of her songs once before…I can’t remember which one it was though…Anyhow, she’s a good singer.

        1. Yes, she is, especially with her own tribe (Yoruba). I’m Ibo/Igbo so can only hear her songs if they were in English–like this one. Asa is based in the UK, I believe. And although she still has some songs written and sang in her dialect, she has allowed that western undertone to come through in all her music. This IMO is VERY good. She’s so unique!

          Another of her hit song from the same album (Asa) is Fire on the Mountain. I bet you’d like it the moment you listen to it! Something tells me it’s that song you heard sometime ago but can’t recall at the moment…

    1. Haha. Thanks a lot, Sirena. You’ve become one of my bosom friends and I’m grateful. Yes, justice and honesty is what we all pray for in this trouble world. Glad you love Asa, she’s one of my favorite Nigerian musicians in the US.

      I’ll be away for a while. Am gonna miss your writing, but will gladly catch up when I return.

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