Two Poems


music of the heart.

Invite me with a kiss,
your eyes my guiding stars.

Lay on me your perfumed hands,
hands softer than fur.

Garments undone.
Perfect bed
for two.



Most maidenly quartermoon
drunk with our passion
while in sweat and heat
our bodies embrace
tis’ fleeting repose.

I want to explore
her wide-flung
parts with zest.

Woman, I give
no sense to reason.
Let me be a wanderer,
forever lost
in the beauty
of you.


ETA: I posted these poems soliciting titles for them. Many thanks to Rigzenchomo for helping out. My! She’s a magician.

Thanks, Rig (Feminineocean) šŸ˜‰

13 thoughts on “Two Poems

  1. Uzo, I would have called the second poem “Lilith” because the name is female and is associated with the moon. I’m actually working on a story (a recalcitrant story that stubbornly refuses to be molded) with that title. But there’s no reason why a poem and a story can’t share a title!

  2. Like these very much. You paint a very sensual journey celebrating the seductive wiles of an extraordinarily beautiful woman Uzoma – very impressive and enchanting, I’m sure I could use it to woo a lot of girls!

    1. Thanks, Indiana. Well, I guess every woman would like to listen to sweet words coming from a man (her lover/admirer). Some bit of the post was inspired by a woman’s presence…LOL. Anyway, remember to say “hi” to them for me as they come along šŸ˜€

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