He would have received a blow on his mouth, save he was my erratic rich landlord. And I was yet to pay my five-month outstanding rent. He leered once more at her and said, “She shouldn’t miss the ceremony.” As she was about to leave the sitting-room, I followed his eyes to her larger-than-life bottom. “For her sake,”—he drew closer now—“I included a dance for the married women in this compound.” He tapped my restrained hand and stood up. At the door, I rather squeezed his hand, feigning my appreciation for yet another unexpected visit.



Author’s Note: Yet another hundred-word story. You may also like to check out DEARTH OF A PROVIDER


    1. Yes, O. Unexpected visitors can be a pain in the rear when we don’t enjoy their company for any reason whatsoever. Orobokibo means ‘fat woman.’ And it’s always a delicate situation when a tenant is owing a bad landlord or landlady. Thanks for leaving a comment here as well.

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