One Week, One Proverb

Case 10:

The goat owned by nine different people quite often starves to death.








Goat in pensive mood


21 thoughts on “One Week, One Proverb

    1. This is common everywhere . Even in my village, the piece of land two plots away from mine is the cause for a serious battle between blood brothers 😦

        1. I’m afraid it has already. Some people can’t seem to let go of everything fancy. So they say: “This is mine, that is mine.” What hurts me the most is the case between the rich and the poor over common property.

    1. What a perfect analogy! I agree that the excitement and enthusiasm in the beginning is hardly maintained over time. I guess it all down to human wants. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one.

  1. So interesting on how a few words and a photo speaks volumes. The human condition is forever evolving itself into avoidance of responsibility, of course with exceptions. It’s not all that easy to widen ones scope of responsibility, but then it can be so rewarding. Thank you, friend.

    1. So true, my dear. We can’t handle so much at once, especially at this the stage of development. The little we can do is what counts the most. Glad you observed this truth as well. Thanks for commenting and I wish you happy holidays 😀

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