A Servant’s Plea











I’m a cup. Earthly desires
stain me like the liquored lips of a drunk,
like a man in the hold of his mistress.
I’ve the breath of a lost one–
no place amongst the clean cups
meant for a king.

See me as your goblet
adorned with fine gold.
Pour in the sweat of your heart.
Let it overflow and reflect
your will.This is how I want to be:
principled and with wisdom.

I’m a cup. Of no strength can I boast.
Don’t let the enemy drink from me.
Enough of his venom that eats my inner ending.
Don’t let him shape me for his own,
so I will forget you, my Maker.


Pic courtesy of WikipediaΒ 

43 thoughts on “A Servant’s Plea

    1. Hey, Rig. You picked up on what still bothers me about the piece. A Handmaid’s Plea came up right after I wrote the piece. It stayed with me until I posted the poem. Seconds after, the simile in the first verse pointed me to the discrepancy of gender (since the narrator was meant to a man and not a woman). On the other hand, A Servant’s Plea is a bit cliche.

      I don’t know…really. Alternative titles will be a big plus while I also try to come up with mine. Thank you so much πŸ™‚

      1. Don’t know how it happens, but you addressed me as “Rig.” So I never got your comment until I looked today. At any rate thanks for explaining. Your titles are right in the lines of your poem, “See Me as Your Goblet”. Just a thought.

        1. My apologies. I only thought it could serve as a short for Rigzenchomo. Promise it won’t repeat itself again.

          I dearly appreciate your help once again. You’ve such a keen eye for good titles.

  1. A strong analogy through your words above. Is there more verses to be written? On alternative titles, I went exploring alternative words from the current title you have, here is one of the ones that came up; A Custodian’s Supplication, but maybe it is too wordy. Thank you for being able to read your words above, cheers.

    1. Hey, Sean. Glad to have you on board.

      Well, for now, I think the three verses are the much I can come up with. I’m no poet, so I tend to write very short verses when the inspiration comes πŸ™‚

      A Custodian’s Supplication isn’t bad at all. As a matter of fact it has a strong relation with the persona/speaker. I like the idea of using the word ‘Custodian.’ I’ll keep your suggestion in mind as I search for a new title.

      Thanks for your input, friend. It’s a pleasure to have you around.

    1. Hey, Sage. There is this cup in my cabinet which I stopped using a long time ago (say three years at least). Last week, as I tried to clean up the cabinet I found it among other less useful stuffs. It reminded me of myself–spiritually. So I decided to write something about it. Well, this poem came up. It’s fun really. I’m glad you enjoyed the use of the metaphor as well as the poem.

      1. I like the way you think, thanks for sharing that with me. Your poetry is so deep and insightful. I’m really enjoying your blog πŸ™‚

  2. Engaging poetry, Uzo. I always enjoy reading what you post.

    Sorry for showing up late (must be the holiday madness).

    1. Oh that’s one big compliment, Prospero! Your posts always bring something new, different, entertaining; something to learn from.

      So are you making any special plans or do you have them laid down already? My best wishes. And hey, you’re not late. Not at all πŸ˜‰

    1. Yeah. Well, I’m still in the process. Doubt creeps in sometimes–that has slowed the pace. Thanks so much for your support and kind words.

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