High (Theme II: Aspire)


For so long
I’ve been held prisoner
in this somber dwelling.
Black’s been the color of day
where no cocks crow,
where I lie belly-wise
and afraid of what lies
in the open.

Daily I hear a cry;
I hear it far away–
it must be Greatness.
But my voice is crushed
like a wayside rose,
and my legs splayed
for lack of her milk.
Thro’ debris and filth,
I’ve dragged my weight
in search of her.

For this I know:
in pursuit of true self
the heart and head must meld.
So I look
beyond this dark rain-clouds,
beyond this canopy of self-pity,
to a place where the lights

I aspire to join my brothers
and sisters whose homes
are beyond all reproach,
whose days are filled
with plenty harvest and sunshine.
I aspire to soar high…
high above this mountain of many peaks,
this virtual prison.

***(Picture courtesy of  flickr)***

19 thoughts on “High (Theme II: Aspire)

  1. Writing is a way to soar high into the sky to escape from all this darkness, this dream awaken that sleeps in us.
    This writing is touching and very deep. I like it

    1. Honestly, I think it was influenced by things around me:D As an African, there is much significance attached to animals and birds rising to meet each day with us (humans). When that happens, there is hope and blessings abound. Glad you enjoyed it, Charlie 🙂

  2. I like your poem very much, Uzoma. I agree with what lgyslaine said about writing. Poetry is “the most philosophical of all writing” as well (William Wordsworth’s words).

  3. I felt the roller-coaster of despair, and the spirit of hope soaring in this poem. Beautifully done Uzo. 🙂

  4. I think you have already caught your first thermal eddy, you just need to step out into it to navigate the flight and rise as it lifts you higher into the fresh voices of your words.

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