One Week, One Proverb

th (7)

Pic of diamond teeth

Case 15:

If a fortune is spent beautifying the teeth, what wealth is going to be won from showing them in smiles?



23 thoughts on “One Week, One Proverb

  1. Uzoma, I am sending you a proverb from “Great Dental World” 🙂 People have milk teeth, permanent teeth and these they can afford! It is an old Polish dentist’s joke. Best wishes to you, Uzoma.

  2. Ha ha, love it! Do you think up this proverbs or they just come to you? I love this one!! And I can’t find my ‘Notification’ on wordpress, if you reply to this comment, I won’t know unless I check back!

    1. Well, not all of them. They comprise of my late granny’s words and core Ibo proverbs.

      About the notification…I wish I could offer more but then I’m confident the WP team is working on it as there some people who have made similar complaint.

    1. Haha…in a rhetorical way, I guess 🙂 Life often presents us with more options that beg for our money (especially when we have it). Most of us tend to spend it on ourselves–getting this and that when we may not necessarily need them. In the end, showing just kindness to other is what’s required of us.

    1. If only one decides that they are a necessity 😀 We’re not without those who are in need. For the poor, a rich man’s wealth remains a dry story (that is quickly forgotten) unless he reaches out to them with an intention to make their lives better.

    1. Oh that’s a fact! No two ways about it.

      Yes, I will smile and I pray you find many things to make you smile and laugh heartily. Smile: they say it builds our feel-good hormones.

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