A Few Changes

Hello friends

I thought I would’ve had the chance to blog more often this time around than I did last year. Well, from the way things are shaping up, there are quite a number of empty days already on my blog calendar (Route 85). This is not too good. But I can’t help it. I can’t say that am starting this blogging year on a bad note either. No, far from it. As matter fact, I have been pretty busy for all the right reasons. Many gbosa (kudos) to the Almighty God who has made it possible; who has answered and as well blessed me for trusting, or better put, trying my best to trust Him even when it seemed that there was little hope left.

The coming weeks—perhaps months—will further affect my activity on WordPress  But instead of staying away completely and concentrating alone on this God-given task ahead, I have decided to blog once or twice a week. This may not be consistent, but then it’s better to keep this blog alive than dormant for long. As for you my dear friends, I humbly ask that you bear with me. I will do my best to keep up with your blogs (that includes commenting). The truth is that I have un-followed some blogs along the way. But then, if you find me as one of your ardent readers please know that I enjoy reading your posts/blog updates a lot. Above all, you have the basic quality for a blogger in our blogging community.

You may notice that I have removed a few topics on this blog. They include:

  • The Listener (WIP)
  • The Stand (WIP)

Considering the advice of my writing buddies (including the ones I have made here on WordPress , I decided to pull down these writings in progress (WIPs) as I now consider them potential materials for publication. In their place, I will be posting sequels alongside short stories and poems (haiku inclusive).  To these new items, you will also find 100-word stories. “One Week, One Proverb” will now come with some background story or interpretation. I believe this will help us all to understand and appreciate these proverbs even more, especially as most of them have to do with the African society. But I must admit that you all have been wonderful! Wise men and women: you all have come up with nice interpretations to the ones posted already.

I want to use this opportunity to thank Paulette Mahurin, author of The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap, for her exceptional kindness. Paulette, if you are reading this, please know that your book is a page-turner! You’re undoubtedly one of the finest woman writers I’ve come across in the historical field. And I can’t wait to put up a review—my very first—of this stunning piece on right here.

Hearty thanks to you all, my friends, for the “likes” and “comments.” Any questions and thoughts that you wish not to express here, you can contact me via 85degreees@gmx.com

Happy blogging!

35 thoughts on “A Few Changes

  1. Uzoma, good luck to you in all your endeavors. I don’t think it is negative to post only once or twice a week; maybe I think that’s fine because that’s what I do; in a way posting every day burdens readers to read all the blogs they subscribe to every day. It takes an enormous amount of time to give each one proper attention and thought. And your blogs are certainly worthy of proper thought and attention.

    You are kind to offer you explanation, but I am happy for you, thinking you have other avenues to pursue with your writing. Good luck, my friend.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. Everyday posting can be a burden to some readers (especially those who have a good number of followers). It’s just that I was trying to see how I could increase the story per week from one to two/three…Well, reflecting on how you run your blog update, each new post is always a tasty package. So I may just have to take it easy with myself.

      Thanks for the compliments, Ronnie. Your presence and kind wishes makes me smile.

  2. Uzoma, average number of your blog posts per week is not so important. I always look forward to them. I always have time to read it. You and your texts are always on my mind.

    1. O dear, I’m still smiling. And my! I also look forward to your posts.

      I admit that the number isn’t really important. I will do my best to come up with good stuffs whenever I post 🙂

      Thanks your support 🙂

    1. Sage-Sage! What can I do without you? I don’t want to miss “Fay” so I’ll devise a way to stay in touch. Luckily, your blog has the search button for older posts.

  3. Uzo, some bloggers only post once a week. Whenever you post I will come by and enjoy reading. On coming by to read my blog please don’t ever worry about that. All the very best for your new endeavors. May the Lord truely bless the work of your hands and your heart. 🙂

    1. No-no. Your blog has helped me spiritually and morally. It has made me laugh too. In this crazy world, we sometimes need to be reassured that God sees us and still cares. Neglecting to read your blog is like refusing to take painkiller drugs for relief.

      Your words give me strength so I’ll just have to take it ones step at a time now…

  4. Uzoma, whether you post once a week or once a month, you always come up with interesting poems, short stories which inspires!! So, I wish you the best in all you do this year, like you, I can’t post daily like I used to due to my book projects and I’ll just post when the inspiration hits, maybe thrice or twice a week. Always with you brother, always!!
    Much love-:)

    1. O dear, that’s very nice of you to say! So tell me, how is your book project going? I guess you now have the manuscript and are talking about publishing, right?

      1. Yes dear friend, the manuscript is all done, just finishing up on editing. It should be released before the end of this month. Glad to have a worthy friend in you!
        Much love:)

  5. Everyone has to manage their time, Uzo. I’m certain that you will make the right choices.

    The only real constant is that creative writing is very demanding. You must pace yourself. A post once a week (or thereabouts) will keep your blog alive and well.

    1. Indeed, Prospero. You summed it all so nicely.

      Then, thinking you all may see me as someone who no longer had the interest to blog caused me to put up this post. Your blogs I didn’t want to miss either. So it was like trying to ‘make out time’ out of ‘no time.’

    1. O my goodness! I feel the same way too–your updates are enjoyable and worthwhile. And you have the writing talent too…don’t forget about that 😉 😎

  6. Uzoma dear friend, keep writing and following the twists and turns of your unfolding path. I will be happy to catch a glimpse of you every once and awhile, always wishing you the best in your endeavors.

    1. I will, my dear friend, Cheyenne. Thinking of staying away from WP means I’ll miss the orbs. But I don’t want to…So you’re right here…in my heart.

  7. Uzoma…I feel for you my brother. It’s better to just take your time and take thing one by one without any hurry whatsoever. I will always be your friend and you my true friend. I’m so lucky to have been part of your life and your creative words.


    P.S I will be posting up my new blog today. 🙂

    1. Uhuh…I promise I won’t push anymore than I have already until thing simmer to normal again.

      “I will always be your friend and you my true friend. I’m so lucky to have been part of your life and your creative words.”<<<<<<That's just the way I feel too. Having you around makes me smile and say: "You've got the boom-boom-power!"

    1. Thank you, Bente, for being very supportive. The feeling of being alone (away from you guys here on WP) really got to me. And it wasn’t for the best. Now I feel way much happy.

  8. Good for you dear friend. To balance our lives and our passions is a lifelong journey of learning and growth 🙂 I admire you, and especially like this: “But instead of staying away completely and concentrating alone on this God-given task ahead, I have decided to blog once or twice a week.” If you can post once a month, that will be wonderful. I am delighted you have chosen to keep this blog active rather than letting it go completely. Blessings to you with your God-given task, and I will continue to be a keen follower, happy to read your posts as you have the time. Hugs, Gina

    1. Exactly! Life’s all about balance. No human is different from a machine in terms of work rate. Missing your Peace blog was also what I honestly didn’t want to happen. But then, here you are–kind and understanding, urging me to keep at it! Thanks a heap, Gina. You’re awesome!!!!

  9. You have many many friends and well wishers Uzoma. Wonderful to see… I like this post – serious and well thought out. And clearly spoken. Indeed, I too think blogging should be a creative and happy process, not a burden. So, I have not given myself any schedules. As a mother, and having a day job, writing,though always on my mind, often gets to be done as an afterthought. 🙂 So, I post as and when I can.

    Many thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words of appreciation. Writing poetry is like a prayer for me. Hope you have a fruitful year ahead. Best wishes.

    1. You have a very kind spirit, MJ, and I believe you will makes many friends here as well…at least activities on your blog shows that. I’ve now realized that it’s best not to put pressure on myself when it comes to updating this blog of mine. Like the rest of my friends, your words are reassuring and all I have to do now is “post as and when I can.”<—so much wisdom in those words.

      Best wishes to you as well as I look forward to your next post. Thanks.

  10. Hello Sean,

    Thanks for the friendly visit. I only returned from Ghana a few days ago. But while I was there, I took some time to continue with my blog serial. So far, I’ve not written much, but it’s a good start.

    I hope to resume active blogging late in March.

    Peace, my friend.

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