He’d studied the movement of the white-tailed antelope for months. Deciding it was finally time for the kill, he lay down on the dry grass and aimed his rifle at his target.

Deep breath. Steady. Fire!

It wasn’t in his nature to miss. Downhill towards the fallen animal, he imagined what great news this kill would be to his fellow hunters and the entire village.

Closer, he wondered if his ears were deceiving him—that voice whimpering in pain. Then the human body…Realizing it was indeed his beloved wife, he rushed over, scooped her from the ground and cried.

28 thoughts on “BELOVED

  1. Obviously he hadn’t studied the white-tailed antelope for long enough!

    You have a typo.. Deciding it was finally time for the kill; [you mean comma] he lay down…

    1. Haha. We can’t blame him for gunning down an extra-ordinary animal. Such an animal would’ve been a nice trophy if it weren’t his wife 🙂

      Thanks for the nit. Will make the correction.

  2. Oh my, how touching this piece, so much so that I got caught up in it! What an awesome narrative, what an amazing writer. Thank you for sharing your gift. Great work!

  3. Wow. This is such a great writing exercise you have here. You have to stay so direct and in the moment to sketch such a vision in our heads with 100 words, let alone, evoke emotion. I hope to try it. Thanks for the inspirations.

    1. Awwww. Thanks a bunch! The 100-word story is indeed an interesting exercise, though it can be tricky at times because you’ve to decide and correctly too, which words fits, or is the unwanted bit.

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