Where Your Heart Lies (Theme III: Love)







Teasing, turning,
I can feel you, my love
in the gentle winds
arriving with your scent,
the sweet smell on the
of your skin
so soft I can feel you near;
your hands tracing lines
of desire on my chest.

I hear your call
I hear it in the music
of the pines,
the ethereal melodies
that bring me to the west –
the place we’ve made a home.

Today, the sun is at full gold;
it’s the vision of your
warm smile that appears
in my dreams and makes
me call out your name.

No more will I endure the distance
for without you, my love,
I’m a lone tree on barren land,
a castle without an army,
a knight withoutΒ honor.

So I’ll return to you, my love,
for home is where your heart lies,
where mine will beat forever safe.


76 thoughts on “Where Your Heart Lies (Theme III: Love)

        1. Oh no, it’s not my novel…the author and I are very good friends so we thought it would be a great idea to promote her debut novel here as well. She’s into dog rescue and is sending all the profit from this very book to dog homes.

          If you’re okay with displaying your email address here, you can go ahead and I will send the book right away. If not, I can send it via your blog’s email address.

  1. ‘on the landscape of your skin’ is a great metaphor and works really well (vividly sensuous: a topography to tingle the senses).

    small typo…
    its the vision of your warm smile [that] appears

    1. Haha…You’re right. I like how you describe the metaphor too. It reminds me of John Mayer’s song Your Body is Wonderland. Man, that song takes my breath away!

      Thanks for the spotting the typo πŸ™‚

  2. Oh! This is an extremely touching poem. And I was telling a friend the other day the meaning of the saying: “Home is where the Heart is”. This is perfect to share in connection with the conversation we previously had.:) You have wonderful words!:)

    1. That means we share the same view! And yes, I believe two hearts beating in rhythm is the true meaning of love. Feel free to share the poem with your friend and thanks commenting.

    1. Oh thanks! I’m excited you want to read. Um, I’m sure your email will reflect in my email notification. I’ll send the PDF right away! Happy reading. And please bear with me. I owe your blog a proper visit.

          1. I checked my yahoo email and nothing there, do I have email here? If so where and how do I locate it? If not my yahoo may be best let me know if you need it.

            1. I was thinking it would have been easier just to send it via your gmail account (the account that you used to activate your WordPress blog). So, that’s exactly what I did. Let me know if you still don’t find it there so I can resend it via your yahoo.

              1. Hey Uzoma can you try again? or my yahoo account? it is the same as my Gmail just @yahoo.com instead. Thank you. I did receive an email from Paulette.

  3. Heartfelt emotions in this poem, Uzoma. You are fortunate to ‘feel’ love in this way. It is an uplifting feeling… πŸ™‚ May your love have a longer life than you!

  4. I was just reading through your poetry again, to prove what I thought I already knew, you do have rhythm throughout your work! It is a soft rhythm–smooth. I love it! I am sure you can write drum-beating jaw dropping rhythm, too! And you probably already have! lol

    1. Oh well, yes, this one has rhythm. Rhymes don’t appear much in my poems as it does in yours. It’s something I’ve not been able to do so well. I write as inspiration leads, then after a few moments (days probably), I look at it again. Sometimes I don’t see/come up with something new. But I will keep on trying.

      Thanks so much for your support, Shawn.

  5. I just read someone’s post denouncing Valentine’s Day. But if the writer read your poem he would surely change his mind. I hope your “significant other” appreciates your beautiful words, recognizing that there is a real person stimulating you to such artful expressions of love.

    1. What a shame. Perhaps he’s either heartbroken or has stone heart. There are also a few sects that regard Valentine’s Day as evil, so I won’t be surprised if he shares the same belief with them.

      My “would-be” has read the poem already lol. It brought her so much joy.

      1. I probably wouldn’t have placed the comment if I were on some other blog and some other post, but beleive me, this was really awesome. I felt it a sin to not comment on such a beautiful post!

  6. This is one brilliant poem .The thoughts flow like a river.The feeling like classical music.Thank you for liking my post ( Earthly Glorification ) l appreciate your support.jalal

  7. This poem ultimately takes me back to poetry. The imagery is vivid. Thinking of the skin as a landscape. Absolutely brilliant.

    And currently I’m writing a novel with a scene where the lady runs her finger over her love interest’s chest when they are both lying down. Took me there too.

    Coming back to poetry Uzor. Great job.

    1. I’m happy the poem is able to create that effect. I do dabble into poetry from time to time. It could be fun sometimes.

      And this work of yours in progress that you just mentioned is it going to be another romance novel with a happy ending? I don’t do well with the sad ones–it kind of leaves me frustrated.

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