Taste of Your Love

C’mon in tonight
I’ve been lonesome
I’ve been empty like
a well in long drought
Sitting here, still listening
to many a love song,
the dreamer’s road
where all I can see is you –
finer than rainbow rings,
lovelier than the scent
of a thousand blooming roses.
as couples unite
and find love in the middle
of their warm embrace
all I want is you…
to come over without
the look of a stranger in your eyes
And without delay, your fingers
fitting perfectly between mine
as you love the all of me.
Maybe I’m too poor
to drive you around in fancy cars
or send you a basket of roses
or bathe you in a shower of diamonds
But it’s the thought of you
that gives my heart no rest
So I ask that you be with me
even if it were just this once.

photo credit: fineartphotographysite.com


53 thoughts on “Taste of Your Love

  1. It’s the perfect time of the year for cupid’s arrows, but I find, from some considerable experience, that the buck-naked cherub has either bad eyesight or an inspired though somewhat improvident talent for irony.

    1. Hahahaha. Prospero! Now that’s something to pay close attention to. But wait a sec…you can’t blame the young chap when there millions of people who are out there either waiting for love trying to consolidate on what they feel already.

  2. Beneath the light evening dew of the morning Sun, may you find the tender velvet petals of the wild roses, open to greet you passing by, your voice and poetic soul in fine tune, vibrant with the abundance of beautiful verse and cadence…

  3. Such sensual, romantic writing, Uzo. You’ve mastered the art of intimacy through writing. May your ink flow as crimson as a rose and your heart whisper softly such words of romance.

    1. *chuckles* What a heartfelt compliment, Seth. Honestly, I’ll say that I was inspired at the time and I had to scribble the words (most of them) down to avoid losing them to the passing winds. I’m grateful for your kind thoughts and I wish you the same!

  4. This really touches me with its soulful innocence, intrigue and deep desire. There is a wistful sadness to it also. Thank you so much for this poem, Uzo!

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