World at Ease (Theme IV: Peace)

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Can I call you brother:
You who harbor pain and revenge
You in parliament who scream aye
in favor of your gun-boys and their death-kit
You who are quick to think up evil
like a smart chess move?

Gift me with Angelica
for in a dying world,
even the brightest of stars
lose their shine
Let me grow among
the Passion Flowers,
to seek faith in a whole new way
And of the olive,
I yearn to be a branch
Maybe its trunk
to wear peace like a cloak

Brother, it’s of the same mother
from whose breasts we’ve suckled
On whose loving laps we found our names
Why then the bloodshed that shames
the womb and brings burning tears
to the eyes?

War counts casualties
But peace
is a harvest of people united
I stand for peace
I fight for peace
Come join me, brother.

59 responses to “World at Ease (Theme IV: Peace)”

    • I say YES to that! I’ve been disturbed lately by the threats of wars here in my country and in the west. It saddens me so much because we are all humans. There are no “aliens” in our midst. But then, we can only hope–like you rightly put it–that the days ahead will be peaceful. Thank, Heidi, for coming around.

  1. So awesomely beautiful Uzoma, your heart shines through your words as the bright morningstar! I am so delighted to be a brother to the pen that brings such beauty! God bless!

    • Thank you so much, my good brother. The Lord inspires his people to do great things (and you are no exception to that). May His light shine upon you and your family everyday.

    • Thanks a million, Sky. I remember you also posted a couple of articles about this theme on your blog. I admit they partly inspired me. I definitely would like to get this and some of my other poems published in the near future.

      Your assurance and encouragement are gifts beyond words.

  2. Beautiful and powerful poem, Uzoma, steadily and surely beating the drum for peace. I agree with feminineocean: I hope you will seek broader publication of this inspiring work. Sending much peace energy to you. Shine on.

    • Oh thank you soooo much Sirena! Of course, I intend to publish it someday. But what’s most important to me are the people who get to read it; people like you! Thanks for bringing that positive vibe to me today.

    • Me too. It’s just that in every human being there is equal capacity for good and evil. What we are is a function of our upbringing and our desire to seek wisdom.

  3. Great feelings and thoughts Uzo! you really create a flag of peace here to let it flutter in the free air of this world. An urge to walk forth for peace. Loved this Uzo!

    • I say the same prayer too, Jalal. Peace opens the door to prosperity.

      Again, your post was worth the while. Thanks for reading mine.

    • Aw, you don’t need to feel that way. Not at all–I understand we all are busy people and at times the things we love to do tend to slip past.

      Oh yes! Passion Flowers…before I wrote that verse, I looked up it’s significance and then found out that it symbolizes faith. It’s wonderful, really.

  4. You write so profoundly while remaining eloquent! Like being stuck on a gerbil wheel, history seems to repeat itself, sadly — again and again and again… Thanks for painting such tangibly vivid hope with your words!

    • With a heart of sincere gratitude and respect, I acknowledge the power of your comment and visits. It’s so true that this bitterness and rivalry have existed for aeons now. It also bugs my mind that this may not stop…All we have to do is hope and pray. Blessing be, LL.

  5. From the heart Uzoma… your words are torn from your soul. I love this poem. Measured and a mirror in the true sense.
    ‘And of the olive,
    I yearn to be a branch
    Maybe its trunk
    to wear peace like the sky…’

    This one is a prayer we all join in.

    • Oh that’s so true–words flow out of us (poets and writers alike) when we are touched by life circumstances. About the ‘olive’ verse: someone once told me that a visitor/strange who hands you a branch of olive is a peace-loving and meek person. Thanks for your comment, MJ.

  6. I stand by you bro! It’s all a game for some, the cries, the tears, the pain, it all amounts to noise for them. So empty by their blood lusts or greed or worse boredom, they wreck havoc in our lives and remain unrepentant. Sad, how low our race has fallen and worse that the majority of us just tut and sigh, going about our lives. When will we rise? When will these people be held accountable? When will the hand that picks up the gun lay it finally to rest?

    • And I welcome you with open arms. Your questions are pertinent especially as there are wars and threats of wars going on here and there. I especially love this: “When will the hand that picks up the gun lay it finally to rest?” Can I add it as an intro to this post?

      Thank you so much for being a light in this world. And may you live long. Amen.

    • Yes-yes-yes! Together we’ll kick back all those forces of evil that give rise to hatred and conflict. I dearly appreciate your thoughts on this one! πŸ™‚

  7. What can I say that hasn’t already been said . This was a beautiful heartfelt poem. I stand in peace with you Brother!

  8. This lists some powerful thoughts and actions. I also like the way you wish for harmony and peace across the world. I like stars and the moon because we are all blessed to see these, and those who cannot see them, hear about their shining into the darkness.

    • Your comment is spot on and your insightful interpretation of the moon and stars adds more meaning to the theme of this poem. We all need peace; we can’t do without it.

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