We Are Not Cursed #2

(Part Two)

Edited by: Darlene Jones

Like a gardener, he had watched Okuoba grow. Now, the sight of her stirred him. For more than five full moons, he had suffered this exquisite distress even in his sleep.

The face was the first place people looked to determine whether a woman was beautiful or not before they looked at the other parts of the body to complete their assessment. With those tender curves asserting her cheek bones, short flute-like nose and exotic brown eyes, Okuoba could not just be described as beautiful. She was ravishingly beautiful. Her blatant figure emitted an aura that lifted her right out of the usual line of pretty women and made her sensational.

Today he swore he would further feed his eyes. He was tired of trying to imagine what she looked like without her wrapper on. He wanted to see it all; he wanted to see what she looked like down there. Lucky for him, he’d overheard her talk about having a bath in the stream the day before.

The hour was fairly dark with a few light shades in the sky heralding the rising of the morning sun. Stealthily he followed Okuoba and her servants, keeping a considerable distance yet not losing sight of them. As the women arrived at a secluded part of the stream which was meant for women only, he snuck up to one of the nearby trees in the bush and waited. From that vantage point he could survey the whole area around the stream.

He could hear the servants speak soothingly to Okuoba about her loss. Remembering how he had plotted the death of her brother, Nnanna, made him smile.  Sleep well, fool, he cursed under his breath. Then he switched mental gears: He was present when Dubem returned to Umeh’s compound to break the sad news. However the young servant managed to escape the attack was still a surprise to him because he had instructed the killers not to spare him or any of Nnanna’s servants.

Wrappers falling freely from the bodies of the women slapped him out of his reverie.

As the servants moved around, rubbing light oil on their mistress, the tempo of his heartbeat doubled at the sight of their nakedness. But his eyes focused more on the one who had occupied his many dreams: Her breasts were firm and ripe, large and erect, the nipples jutting and round, telling him that they were black and proud, daring him to come out and touch them.

Perhaps his next line of action would bring Okuoba close to him, so close he would feel the softness of her body rubbing against his. But in the meantime he would only delight in her beauty. He couldn’t afford to pounce foolishly on his meal.

A strident sound quite close to him made the women turn sharply to his direction. He held his breath and didn’t move a muscle. A frog croaked. Blades of grasses crackled. One of the servants muttered something funny and they laughed. Okuoba was the first to turn her back to him again. While they all headed towards the stream, he exhaled. He looked longingly at the controlled rhythm of her delectable behind and the thrust of her long shapely legs. The gods had spent a little more time on her, he concluded.

With their ankles sunk deep in the clear water, the servants began to rub pieces of cloth and soap against their mistress’ body making the soapsuds flow white all the way down into the stream. The way they continued to pay attention to her body fuelled his appetite even further. He held fast to the tree to stop himself from running off into the water and taking hold of her.

Female voices approaching the stream made him swivel to the footpath. As much as he was enjoying what he saw, he knew that his time was up.

He couldn’t afford to get caught.

He followed another route and left the bush.

Part One|| Part Two


PS I want to express my sincere gratitude to Darlene Jones for editing this installment, likewise the one before it (that is, after I had posted it here). She has also offered to edit the rest of the story.

Jones has written four novels; four books I dearly look forward to reading. She’s also a wonderful photographer. You can find more about to her here.

45 thoughts on “We Are Not Cursed #2

  1. Beautiful Uzoma, this would make a great novel – if you can stretch yourself further! I can’t wait for the next instalment… assuage my thirst quickly!!
    Have a great week!
    Much love. 🙂

    1. Yeah, I also have thought along the same line. The only demon at my desk continues to shoot arrows of procrastination and disbelief at me. But all the same, I’ll keep on writing. Thanks for the lovely comment. Wish you a happy week ahead 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Sirena. It’s my desire to keep on improving and am glad you are always around to give me all the support 🙂

  2. As the story unravels, it gets very interesting! I look forward to the next installment! You are truly talented, friend! I am enjoying this!

  3. Man, this Okuoba is really beautiful o! Na mammy-water she be? Well, I’ll be returning next Tuesday to check on her and see how the story turns out between her and her brother’s killer. Write on, bro! I’m enjoying this story. 🙂

    1. Yeah-yeah. At this stage, we get to meet more characters. I’m glad you liked the passage and thanks a heap for the compliment 😉

  4. Wow! You have quite a fan following Uzoma. And your bathing description is very tastefully executed. I like it very much. Okuoba is really beautiful and I keenly await the forthcoming part. Hmm… this promises to be a rich love story. Great work here! And I must also compliment the editor – she has done a fine job indeed!

    1. Ah! Yes, Darlene, the editor, did a marvelous job! I happy you could see Okuoba’s beauty through my writing. There is an interesting lot ahead to keep us on the edge of our seats. Thanks for commenting 🙂

    1. Geez! That’s my fault and a big typo indeed. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. To the story: I’m happy you enjoyed this bit.

  5. A good piece of literature, Uzoma. Congratulation. Your prose is “the time and space. machine”. I was There to observe. The world you have created is convincing, almost real.

    1. Hehe. That’s right–I am traveling way back in time. Such writing, I admit, needs verbal questioning too, especially as there are not info on the Web. Thanks for commenting, Wanda.

    1. Hi Shawn! The story will be a weekly installment kind of stuff. I too would like to turn it into a novel/novella. Thanks for the encouragement.

  6. Uzo, I’m stunned by your writing ability! I mean that sincerely. Keep going with this thing. You will have something on the bestseller list one day, I promise.

    1. Aww, thanks Eric! Do you know I took your suggestion about starting a suspenseful African story based in a typical African setting?

      1. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it. Just this excerpt here put me right into the character’s head and I feel like I know so much about him. The imagery is great, the metaphors… Terrific!

  7. I just came back from the water and surrounding woods, where I was the other secret observer. You do take your readers to the spots you’re describing.My whole body clenched when that sound nearby made the servants look in his direction. Wow: your writing has power and impact.

    1. And you wowed me as well with you comment! I’m so happy you went along with the narrative–I feel like I have just won an award! Thanks Ronnie.

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