*atmospherics in the background*
*lights flickering…steady*

Greetings wherever you are, my good friends. So, um, I’m back! The past two and a half weeks away have been eventful, for the most part. You know, in the life there are several stops. Paying attention to them is as important as the journey itself. So, enough of me now…

Today I’ll be going through my reader. Ah! I can a see a lot of interesting post already.

Tomorrow, blogging continues as usual.

PS: In a special way, I want to thank all of you who sent me emails with good will messages. Your words are like guiding stars during my time away.

Feels good to be back

Big hugs everyone!!!

53 thoughts on “Testing…Testing

        1. I have the next installment of We Are Not Cursed coming up tomorrow. Wish you will be able to get the chance to read it then 🙂

  1. Have been sending positive vibes to you, hoping your time away was well. Looking forward to reading your new creations. Welcome back…and thanks somuch for the kind support, as always. Cheers.

    1. And I got them in full! Wow, wow! Thanks for the good will message and I’m so happy to be back to follow your blog updates ardently.

    1. Thanks a heap, Eric. I’m grateful I can still punch these keys 😀

      I will post the next installment tomorrow. I hope it meets the standard.

  2. I had wondered what had happened because you were not in my reader, but alas, I did not come here to find your explanation. You had business to attend to. I missed you as so many readers did. Sorry, I wish I had left you a message to find when you “came back.” Take care, Robin

    1. Aw, I appreciate your kind thoughts, Robin. Your welcome back message is a gift I gladly take now that am here.

      Have a blissful week ahead.

    1. Aw, you still did a wonderful thing by dropping a comment–and a hearty one–upon my return. Yes, I’ve been away but have really missed you and you unique way of writing and presentation.

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