What the Writer Is

African Soulja

This thought struck me in the shower and I let the water run a few moments more in appreciation;

A writer is everything that the mind can construct. The writer is a construct. Why? How? Sounds like useless philosophy but read on and see if our reasonings shall not converge.

If perchance your mind shall tell you ‘A writer is an artist’, this is true. Because if there is a work of art that the writer told you about, he would have to do it with words. To capture the intensity, each sentence will be a brush stroke, adorning in plenty words the bold, thick impasto of Rembrandt, sprinkling with softly different and colourful pieces the separated unison of Picasso’s collage and finally shading with nuanced words the same passion with which Springinklee tinted ‘Man of Sorrows’ in chiaroscuro.

Collage       Impasto        Chiaroscuro 

Sorry, I…

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6 thoughts on “What the Writer Is

    1. It’s a pleasure, Dela, and I’m so thankful to you for putting up such a thoughtful and brilliantly composed about the writer on your blog.

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