Where Is Daddy?

Hey folks,
Sorry, there won’t be “We Are Not Cursed” today. I have been sick (malaria fever) for the past few days, so couldn’t write 😦
But … I’m OK now and have some catch up to make 😎
Since there is nothing new in the queue, I’ve decided to share this old story of mine with you. Enjoy…

PS: The serial returns next week.

85 Degrees

This is one of the few stories I wrote last year. I admit it was fun. But it was also out of my comfort zone (for obvious reasons that you’ll find within). The story is…long. Enjoy and please feel free to share you thoughts with me.


Two men in green uniforms were standing outside our home when Mummy opened the front door. They smiled warmly, said theirs greetings, then asked if they could come in. Mummy’s eyes took in the living room and hallway, briefly, before she agreed. Both men walked in with quiet, calculated steps, their black caps tucked under their arms. Those caps…they were the same ones I had seen some military men wearing a few days ago on TV. Since Mummy had decided to let them in, I wanted to believe there was more to their visit. After all, we were eagerly expecting…

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12 thoughts on “Where Is Daddy?

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I do hope you get better soon my friend. Enjoyed the read the second time around too.

  2. This story is great, Uzo. 🙂 I think I fell in love with the ending most–so inspiring. Actually, I hadn’t expected Daddy to show up, but then it’s a nice twist.

    I didn’t know you were down with malaria, but I’m glad to know you’re better now.

    Happy Writing, nwannem. Can’t wait to see the next episode of We Are Not Cursed.

  3. Many thanks, KayKay. I’m still a sucker for happy endings 😀 So the Daddy showed up.

    Omo, the fever left me feeling helpless. But I’m now doing fine.

    Yes o, We Are Not Cursed returns next week. We’re getting to the climax.

  4. Wow! Glad you overcame the malaria fever and sorry that you had to endure it. This story is a powerful example of your giftedness. I need to reread it again sometime.

    1. Yeah, I’m feeling fine now. Thanks to the prescribed meds. Knowing you enjoyed the story is a big encouragement to me. Thanks, Robin.

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