HALF OF A YELLOW SUN Trailer | Festival 2013


After an anxious wait, I’m super happy to present to you the movie adaptation of “Half Of A Yellow Sun,” a novel by Chimaamanda Ngozi Adichie. From what I’ve seen, this is not a low-budget kind of movie, which would’ve been a poor show of the award-winning novel. I’m also glad to say that the film features some of our finest movie stars (Zack Orji, Genevieve Nnaji, Onyeka Onwenu).

Ha! I can’t wait to watch the full movie.

The world premiere of the movie takes place at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival on August 20.

31 responses to “HALF OF A YELLOW SUN Trailer | Festival 2013”

  1. I remember my class in high school reading one of this awesome and talented man’s books. We had an international diverse course that included his book. Cannot remember which one it would have been in the 70’s? Take care, my friend!

    • Um, I guess you are referring to Achebe, right? He was a talented writer Adichie greatly admired and once referred as a mentor. You’re indeed blessed with a profound mind, Robin πŸ™‚

  2. I can’t wait though I must confess I’ve not read the book but I’m gonna do that and watch the film when it comes to London! Thanks for posting this!! πŸ™‚

    • Me, too — I have not yet read the book. But I admit it will be a nice thing–like you have said already–to read the book and also watch the movie. I’ve done such with novels like Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and then Ghost Recon by Tom Clancy.

    • Yes, Elizabeth. It has a prospect which is different from what we see on our screens here. It has this western feel which I personally like.

    • That’s all right, Ronnie. I’d like to believe that the shootings and bloodshed are contained, despite the reality that many years ago in Nigeria, our lands were witnesses to such killings (civil war).

      I;ll surely let you know about this movie in due course.

    • Yes, from the looks of it, it’s arresting and harrowing at some point. However, I’m excited and eager to watch the movie. Hopefully I will make a post about my review of the movie (not within my scope on this blog) in the near future.

      It’s a great feeling to know you’re interested, too πŸ™‚

  3. This is interesting. Earlier today, my daughter’s boyfriend uploaded this clip on his FB. Enjoyed it and looking forward to the movie. Raw and powerful.

    • Perfecto! You all are up to speed with happenings around you.

      The movie should also highlight the civil war in Nigeria some years ago.

      Peace, my good friend.

  4. There is something to be said for the strength of humanity within relationships, when conflict surrounds, is all about us, the moments of turmoil, to then the moments of healing. The world is more harsh than it needs to be, and sometimes we become lost, but always hope to be found within, and by others.

    • A wise comment, Sean. I, too, feel the world has seen so much violence and terror mainly perpetuated by man, who is meant to be the custodian of all.

      Thanks for the visit today.

    • LMAO! Though I hold a few of our movie stars in high esteem, I still have to admit that most of our movies are bland. I guess Chimamanda wanted the movie adaption of her book to be as solid as the book itself, considering she was quite active backstage with a crew of seasoned actors and actresses.

  5. Wow, the story is being honored by such a fine production. Like you, I will probably see the movie and then read the book, although in my little town we will probably have to wait for the DVD. Hmmm, perhaps the book first…

    • Hehe, There is a background story there about the civil war in my country. In fact it was my tribe — the Igbos — against the Nigeria. We wanted to secede from the rest under the umbrella Biafra, Anyways, let me not bore you with this story.

      Whenever you finally get to read or watch the movie, please let me know. I have to admit that your interest in Africa and histories of most of her people is quite stunning.

        • Good, good –I can’t wait to know what you think about the book! But I guarantee you it will be a pleasurable reading! The author is one of our finest and the this particular book of hers is an award-winning novel (Caine Prize).

  6. An extremely late comment as I’ve just got back into blogging but….for me, the film trailer really does the book no justice. Read the book. read it again…then maybe read it again.

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