An Interview with Soumya Vilekar

A few days ago, Soumya Vilekar agreed to give an interview about “Suroor of the Soul” and here is how it went — very interesting I must say.



In some of your poems, you acknowledged God as the most Supreme Being, the Maker of all things. Do you believe in life after death? If so, can you paint a picture of this new journey?

Soumya: First of all, Thanks to you, Uzo, for lending me a platform to express my views and have a word with all of you! Life is a beautiful journey which has different contours throughout its path and is varicolored. Each one of us have experienced its different façade  of joy, sorrow, sadness, grief, misery and the virtual happiness at some moment or other in life. What we see or acknowledge here on Earth as human form is just a part of a wonderful enchanting journey. Life beyond death is another comprehension and very few or rarely anyone believes or tries to have any thought about it. As in school, the way we pass out and get promoted to the above grade or level, thus is the examination of life, where we get onto the next level after we overcome the obstacles or hurdles laid in our life in form of small shortcomings and troubles. The promotion here is unseen and not visible to the naked eye of man and hence less believed. The stratum of our existence keeps on changing every birth and even after our death. As we all know according to Newton’s third law of motion, “For any action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Hence for all the actions of our life done knowingly or unknowingly, there exists a reaction, i.e. an outcome of all the deeds, known better as Karma. We are all bound by the strings of the strong hold of this karma and hence we are bound to equate that equation before our existence is nulled …either in this birth or in the subsequent ones. Such is the journey of our soul, even after death that it traverses through the infinite, trying to touch the ultimate goal of its birth ,yet is unable to do so and for this shortcoming, it  rebirths on earth. The journey of a soul after death is not always beautiful, but it solely depends on the disposition it had towards its fellow beings on earth. Even though it is able to overview the mistake of its behavior and nature of its life on earth, still the soul needs to get through the cycle once again to eradicate the negativities unless what is left is just a pure entity. Until all the equations get equaled, nothing in this life or nature ends or finishes. The cycle is endless and ceaseless, unless the soul finally assimilates with the Supreme.

Can metaphysics and devotion to metaphysical research bring about the healing of the mind?

Soumya: A very beautiful and interesting question! For me, it’s all there in the mind. The words we utter, the thoughts that are generated, the feelings we experience, nothing comes from beyond or outside. Similarly the pains, aches and illnesses of our body too are born from within, from our own thoughts. Energy which exists in various forms is the sole unit of such trillions of thoughts. Energy always remains invisible, still we can see its resultant in the form of electrical, mechanical, kinetic energy etc. But the real energy is never seen, we can feel the force and power of the waves but our eyes do not possess the power to perceive the infinite. Similarly the energy of our mind generates unlimited ocean of thoughts and the resultant of which energy is produced, either positive or negative in nature. Positivity obviously has more good to offer and affect rather than the negative forces which lead to more troubles for the person first physically, then psychologically. The negative forces often tend to create small aches in the body initially and then subsequently transform into major pains and illnesses, hitting the most vulnerable part and the weakest part of the body. The reflexes and the nervous system connected to that part is hit first by the negative forces ,which requires the same amount of positive force  to overcome the malady, else it falls into the dark crevice of some acute illness. This positive energy required to cure can either be received directly from people who themselves are actively spiritual and enlightening. Else, as this is very rare nowadays, the best way is to connect to the inner self and reanalyze the situation which brought out the negative thought to finally erase and delete it from our mind. “The practice of self introspection helps if done neutrally without any influence of the outside world. “Thirdly, such forces can be eliminated ,when being in the free state, that is in the subconscious state of mind, when the body sleeps and the mind is readily active , with an urge to end the wrong vibrations going within  and communicating the same to the unseen ,invisible energy form. The energy dissipated then is the maximum and when directed in a positive way, always leads to better results.

Do you agree with this statement: “In Western philosophy, metaphysics has become the study of the fundamental nature of all reality — what is it, why is it, and how are we can understand it. Some treat metaphysics as the study of “higher” reality or the “invisible” nature behind everything, but that isn’t true. It is, instead, the study of all of reality, visible and invisible; and what constitutes reality, natural and supernatural.”

Soumya: Absolutely, I agree. What we have known is a just a part of this universe and the whole  creation is still beyond our comprehension, it is in fact the reality of creation which we are yet unaware of. For, it is unseen and not visible with the naked eye nor works with the logic of our explanations, we have let it aside and termed it as something abnormal or supernatural. Do we really think, what we know is natural? It is the definition given by us and we are just a tiny part of this creation. So our terminology isn’t the real truth .It is merely a hypothesis. What is seen is known to us, what is left unseen or unnoticed, or invisible, still exists, and we are yet to discover this truth. Without mentioning any religion known to man, what is your concept of true religion? No religion is neither true nor false. My concept says- Religion, is in total, the way of living life of each individual respecting the mankind with humanity. A path which every individual chooses for himself to be disciplined upon without force and which never allows a person to hurt another soul ,either by words, weapons, discrimination, jealousy, behavior, disposition and hatred. If every human tends to follow such a religion binding himself to his conscience, the world will be a better and beautiful place to live in. There would never be any war for rights and injustice, and conflicts of power, money, or religion would diminish and vanish away. For every individual would then remain busy in improving his self and being like a person who follows his own true religion, rather than scrutinizing and criticizing others.

Because of the wonderful and profound meanings I find in “The Lost Fawn” and “Surror of the Soul,” can you tell us about the source(s) of inspiration for these poems?

Soumya: “The lost fawn” is a journey about every individual that I came across in life, who is constantly running in a race to reach the end, without knowing his destination is actually the place where he has started from, i.e. his core. What we search for outside is a mere mirage of our desires and ambitions, for the moment we try to touch them, they vanish. In life I have seen people running after fulfilling their endless desires to quench their thirst for happiness, without realizing that the fame and the riches won’t buy them the real joy. The real essence of happiness, is when we are happy with our surroundings our existence, mainly with ourselves. Being in a desert, or at a five star hotel, in a garden or beside a stream will give us the real happiness only when, we notice the beauty of that moment in the air. Acquiring palaces and hoarding money can never give the heart or mind a rest of peace even for a day, but a moment of peace within shall give us the most treasurable and cherished time. I am always fascinated by little fawns, their innocence sparkles through their eyes and I perceived this thought through their vision. Suroor of the Soul” has a beautiful and interesting story behind its creation. My friend and co-author, Shaheen, whom everyone at WordPress knows as the Blood ink diary once gifted me with a beautiful mystical painting which was called “Suroor”. The painting now adorns as the book cover of our book. Well, when for the first time I laid my eyes on this unique piece of art, my thoughts instigated me to write at least five verses in sync with the condition of a soul in life and its struggle. I felt the urge to write about the sufferings of a soul which goes astray. A wonderful musician, Shaheen is a sitar player and the verses of Suroor struck my chord, as if the vibrations that came where from the music of Divine. I could feel the vibrant energy and the tranquil calmness of these notes through my imagination. Somehow I remembered, “Music travels through your spine into every part of your vein, when the Master touches you with his divine note.” The words of this verse, got inspired by the colours of the painting, the lines got their rhythm by the different scales of sitar and the thoughts by the ever existing seeking of the “I” on the Universal path.

Thank you, Soumya Vilekar, for the detailed response. I wish you and Shaheen a successful sale and pray that the book attracts a wide audience.

22 responses to “An Interview with Soumya Vilekar”

  1. A fantastic interview, indeed!

    The interview suffices the element of the book! A very stimulating dialogue, which enlightens many facets of the humanness in being a human.

    Am honoured to be part of ‘Suoor of the Soul’ — a fine book conceptualised by my dear friend & Author, Soumya – her intensity and inspiration reveals greatly in the anthology!

    Thank you, dear Uzoma – may you continue lighting paths in your journey!

    • Glad you enjoyed reading the interview. I agree Soumya’s answers are detailed and stimulating. It sure will give interested readers more insight into the book.

      Many thanks for the kind wishes and may you experience the same.

  2. Wonderful interview! I look forward to reading Soumyav’s writting. I have always connected with her words and vision. This interview allowed me to see her depth and beauty of spirit. Namaste, mary

    • Hey Mary,

      Ah, Soumya is wonderful at what she does! I am happy you can say the same about her and are eager to read her book.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  3. This is very generous and wonderful. The thoughts expressed by Soumya will surely resonate with all seekers.

    Let our cups remain hungry as we fill from our lifesprings.

    Peace and blessings to Uzo, Soumya and Shaheen,

    • Oh yes, she bared her view with a beauty of words. I’d initially asked if she could cut back on the length but she remained resolute because for her, it was all-or-nothing. Now I see why.

      Glad you could stop by, Eric.

    • Oh yes she is, sis. Her style and imagery amazed me. To be frank, I’ve not come across a poetry book that lays so much emphasis on metaphysics.

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