Finally … it’s HERE!

I am so fortunate to have witnessed the partial eclipse of the sun! These pics were taken between 1:55 P.M. and 2:25 P.M.  Sorry for the size of the pics and the direct approach to Mr. Sun 😀 😀 I couldn’t help it 😀

Phase 1
Phase 1
Phase 2: Ten Minutes After Phase 1
Phase 2: Ten Minutes After Phase 1
Phase 3: Twenty Minutes after Phase 2
Phase 3: Twenty Minutes after Phase 2

42 responses to “Finally … it’s HERE!”

  1. Those are excellent pics… thanks Uzoma, for this view of the solar eclipse. We are in the midst of Diwali celebrations here in India this evening and the air is rent with thunderclaps of crackers… 🙂 Take care!

    • Aw, I’m so happy to share the pics. My neighbours and I were so amazed at the time of the occurrence.

      Diwali must be a great celebration — I will google it up. In the meantime I wish you all happiness and joy throughout the festivity.

      It did rain here a few days ago. I can imagine the active display in the skies over there in India.

  2. wow, I saw but missed. Was in the kitchen making lunch for my tots. I saw the sky darken through the windows but was so engrossed in the cooking, I 4got about the eclipse.

    Thanks Uzo, I don’t feel like I missed much again.

    • Oh, please send my warmest greetings to your kids. I wish I were there with you guy to get a taste of that delicious meal.

      I’m happy I was not fast asleep when the eclipse occurred. So when I joined my neighbours outside our compound to discuss the rarity, there was an underlined tone of amazement in our voices. Some recalled of a previous occurrence where animals were making a lot of noise because they were afraid. The eclipse was a complete one.

  3. So exciting, Uzoma. Thank you so much for sharing the photos and the enthusiastic experience. Must have been thrilling to witness as your post has given me goosebumps. Cheers!

    • I’m happy the pics left evoked a wonderful feeling inside of you. For me, it was a jaw-dropping moment, a proof in science. Life is beautifully, really.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Uzoma, the moment you found.. Had one here last year as I went to work one morning, it was like the world found a honey sepia hue to its existence, and the river became a golden syrup, all due to a cloud effect at the time (I think it was more a lifting fog than cloud). Here it was only partial, but a thousand kilometers north it was full on.

    • Oh Sean…I’m entranced by the beauty of your description — it’s a poetic relay of the eclipse in your region at the time. If I may ask, was it “full” in your area and did you get to see it?

  5. Ah ha, so that’s where the eclipse was! It was 4:50 a.m. my time and still before dawn. I woke and wondered who the lucky ones were who got to see it… and it was you! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your marvelous photos, Uzoma.

  6. Through your pictures, 5 more people were able to see this amazing thing, clear up in north America. Awesome!!!! I passed this around on my cell phone; we were delighted! Thanks! Diane

      • Aw, you make me feel like I’ve been a stranger. Sorry! I wasn’t able to keep up with your epic tale, so I decided to wait until it was all over to read it at once. How is it coming along?

        • Oh no … Please I am deeply sorry. You are a very good friend, Eric. I feel I’ve missed the company of some friends here because of my story serial–perhaps, the length of each episode scares them away. So I am more than grateful now when a friend visits.

          My story serial is coming along quite nicely, though I admit that I still struggle to explain what’s up there in my head. At first, I thought the serial was going to be a short one, but now it seems the entire story is about the size of a novel/novella.

          Once I’m through, I’ll send it over to you.

  7. We are blessed with nature, I am sure that the sky, the sun and the clouds are part of all of our daily visions. But not all are so entranced and so excited! I am glad you still look at these natural wonders as gifts and enjoy them, like I do! Thanks for this post and photos, too.

    • Absolutely, Robin. We find these gifts around us everyday, but somehow, some people tend to pay little or no attention to them and as a result find it somewhat odd when we speak about them. I’m grateful to I’ve witnessed two eclipses (this one being the second). This helps to prove to me that life is not a coincidence.

  8. I’m jealous Uzoma, I wished I’d seen the eclipse but thanks for sharing though! I’ve been having problems with my internet, just sorted it out tonight…
    Blessings. 🙂

    • I understand. But in a way, you still didn’t miss it because I captured it right here 🙂 Glad your internet issue has been resolved. It’s all wonderful to have you around.

  9. i’ve never seen an eclipse Uzo. Thanks for sharing your experience and your photos. They’re gorgeous. I can feel the excitement. 🙂

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