We Are Not Cursed #19

***Warning: Mature Content. Reader Discretion is advised***


Edited by: Darlene Jones

Illustration of a black woman by Frank Morrison (pic source: webneel.com)
Illustration of a black woman by Frank Morrison (pic source: webneel.com)

He watched Ekwutosilim as she strode up the manicured path, her slender hips swaying seductively in her tattered short piece of goat skin. The girl led a promiscuous life. None of her fellow servants were aware of her secret cowries, the way she earned these precious shells. But he knew. He knew all about her.

He didn’t imagine it would happen—his attraction to her. But here he was, unable to stop himself from watching her, from thinking about her. Of course the first thing he’d noticed about her had been her mahogany skin. It wasn’t quite the same shade as Okuoba’s. Nevertheless, her skin tone obsessed him. For him, it quickly pointed to one thing. A subtle diversion. Fate had rolled a slightly different dice before him, waiting for him to react. Like a sculptor, it had presented him with a young female, whose body reminded him of Okuoba. Or was she a beguiler, working for Okuoba, with the sole intention of distracting him—perhaps, forever?

If Ekwutosilim didn’t live here in Ngwo village, he would open up to her, and during the course of their conversation ask if she and Okuoba knew each other, if she had gone through some bodily transformation just to entice him away from her. But then, posing such questions would make him look stupid.

Watching Ekwutosilim, his gaze focused on the provocative way she walked, his penis grew hard. He shut his eyes and imagined what it would feel like to be inside her. He ran his hand over the front of his loincloth and sighed.

He would have to travel out of Ngwo to meet his diviner. He’d have to inform her about the emergence of Ekwutosilim. He’d have to inform her about his growing hunger to bed Okuoba. The diviner should at least provide him with a solution. He had to ease the ache somehow without bringing his ultimate plan to ruin. He ran the tip of his tongue over his lips, imagining what Okuoba would taste like if he kissed her, if he sucked her breasts, if he drove his fingers in between her parted thighs. Or was fate being kind to him, letting him take notice of Ekwutosilim, so he could, in the meantime, ease his hunger for Okuoba, with the carnal knowledge of the young servant girl?

Groaning inwardly, he turned around and looked the other way. After taking several deep breaths, he managed to control the raging hunger inside him. But could he really hold out any much longer?


PART 18 || PART 19


28 responses to “We Are Not Cursed #19”

  1. Whew, this one is very spicy ! (SInce I’m the first to comment, you may want to correct the misspelling of “carnal” in the last line of your next to last paragraph.) Other wise, just know your writing has gotten me a little hot and bothered. 🙂

    • Thanks a million, Sky 🙂 That bit hid itself from the editing pen. I will make the correction. About the passage: Spicy is the word! Love that you enjoyed it!

  2. Oh. My. And YES, I mean to write it just like that: OH. MY. Well, sir you have just earned my personal reward (haven’t decided what it is yet, besides a big smile) but I declare I’ve never read such satisfying erotica from a gentleman before, Keep it right here for just a bit longer, please. You’re definitely making us want more. Big Kudos to you, sir. Very big, steamy, throbbing kudos to you!!!

    • Glad you found this part very captivating, ma’am 😉 It was fun getting inside the head of the hood guy, bringing all his “wicked” thoughts to light.

      Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate the visit.

    • Hehe 🙂 I love this! Very poetic and true. This means you can write fine poems, too. Am I right? Poor Ekwutosilim, she doesn’t know what lies ahead.

      Wish you wonderful week ahead, Timi. Yes, till next week 🙂

  3. Tightly woven. Lustful without sliding into maudlin. I know how difficult it is to write this kind of a piece. My compliments, Uzoma.

    You are a great storyteller. God bless you!

  4. Ah, but for the right of the writer, the sculptor or painter, who undress dreams and thoughts under the veneer of artistic exuberance. And I’m not complaining – not one bit – especially when it’s accomplished with such literary brilliance that graces and teases without provoking raunchiness. You done well again, my friend Uzo. Your skills bend me.

    I remain intrigued by the identity of this person and wait and watch – for, like all stalkers, he will reveal himself soon. The pain in his groin would be his undoing – for that’s what will drive him to his demise, I reckon.

    Patience, I counsel myself as I shall pull my robes tight and wait, with a smile.

    • Brilliantly said, Eric. Like all stalkers our mystery guy can’t remain in the dark for eternity; he will surely reveal himself. Of course, that will be his doom. Of all the characters, writing about him and his underground activities is the most challenging. You know, trying to keep the story going without giving much away too soon and on the other hand, avoiding a pitifully presented villain.

      I’m very happy the story continues to hold your interest. As always, I’m grateful for the smile your comments bring to my face.

  5. Well, Uzo, you just keep building the pitch of suspense! I’ve been meaning to ask if you have written suspense/mystery work before? Your pen is confident, effective and strong. I am waiting eagerly, like your other fans, to see how you resolve all of this swirling stew. Cheers, my friend.

    • Wow! What a lovely compliment, my dear friend! Honestly this is my first try at writing a story which has suspense, romance, and mystery all intertwined. Before this, I’ve been reading mystery, crime (usually detective), romance novels — mainly western.

      Thank you so much such a high level of support.

    • Oh, I do too! When I came across the painting, I couldn’t help but think it would be nice for one of my posts. Fortunately this one came along.

  6. Ooh – this is a great extra twist, involving Ekwutosilim!

    And – I notice – this villain still isn’t named, so we cannot make any assumptions about his identity just yet!

    Delicious stuff, Uzoma. I can’t wait for the next bit. Ekwutosilim and Okuoba – will either of them escape??? Argh! I don’t know!!!


    • Hello Allyson,

      Sorry for the late response. I’ve been struggling with various tasks as of late. To the writing…

      You know how much I love reading your comments! Yes, the villain is yet to be revealed. His character gives me headache at times, lol, because of his extreme sexual desire and wicked plans.

      Like a prey, Ekwutosilim will eventually encounter this villain. Same as Okuoba. Only fate will tell who survives.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • Argh! No! 😀 Your reply leaves me with a big smile on my face – you are teasing us all with this hidden identity. Which is wonderful! I look forward to finding out what happens and learning who this villain is. I will also worry over both of these women now – so, yes, I am hooked.

        Oh, and never worry about a late response, I know how busy things can get and you are busy in more ways than one.


  7. Uzoma, you clever subtle writer! You keep us wrapped around your fingers. I can’t wait for this rogue to reveal himself, if only he would catch a deadly various whenever he tries to appease the hunger in his groin. And this week’s serial is short o! 🙂 🙂

  8. LOL! Sis, the villain will meet his waterloo soon. As writers, it’s our job to give each character in our stories distinct behaviours and reactions to bring about a believable story. Writing a passage doesn’t come that easy for me, but I am hopeful I will finish the story. Someday.

    Your unwavering support and reading is a blessing to me.

  9. Wow more great writing, I think you have a talent for this type of writing! I need to go back and read the rest of the story! More passages like this I would say 🙂

  10. I’m smiling already, Erin. I’ve not written a mystery story before — I’m just an avid reader of western mystery.

    Your kind remark spurs me on to do more and I’m grateful for it.

  11. This story has enthralled me I can’t wait for the next installment. I have so many questions, who is this mystery villain? Will Ekwutosilim and Okuoba his cunning? You are such a good writer, keeping this suspense going has to be challenging but you seem to have mastered this art form.

  12. Nice one, Uzoma. Like you already know, I like when a story’s told from the villain’s POV. And you did a good job here. Although I don’t like Ekwutosilim, but I fear for her. I also fear for Okuoba.

    I want to read more of this…

    • Thank you, Noeleen, for the visit. I’m glad you enjoyed this part as well as my writing.

      Yeah, the warning … 😉 I didn’t want to get anyone offended.

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