Cover Photo of The Ultimate Wonder by Skywalker Storyteller
Cover Photo of The Ultimate Wonder by Skywalker Storyteller

Death is a haunting and rarely discussed topic. To man, it is the end of a phase or life here on Earth. But is this really so? Have we taken a moment to pause and reflect on death, the way we want to embrace this inescapable moment? In her book, “The Ultimate Wonder—World Stories Illuminating Death,” Skywalker has taken the giant step to write about this end she aptly calls The Ultimate Wonder.

Served with a preliminary introduction where she, in a concise manner, tells of her view about death from both personal and religious perspectives, one can’t help but read further and keenly too. Segmented into various parts, the short stories within take place in various parts of the world and at various times. I found some of these stories so moving, they stayed with me for days. A few examples are “Kenelinda” and “A Mother’s heart.”

Until I read Skywalker’s book, I’ve not come across an anthology (of poems and short stories) where death, the central theme, is presented in a rather soothing and enlightening manner. Skywalker’s compilation is a book you can relax to, or even share with family members and friends. Each story is a fountain of gentle words and metaphors meant not only to entertain and inform, but also to prepare man without pain or fear for this end. This ultimate wonder.


For more details on this brilliantly written book, you can visit Skywalker’s site:




    1. Ah! That mean you’ve known her for a longer period than I do. I’ve to admit that the way she tells stories and write poems is very admirable. I proud to be a fan of hers as well.

  1. This is generous of you Uzo, my friend, to highlight another writer’s book on your blog. It’s people such as you who continue to build community in Blosgville.

    Congratulations to “Skywalker Storyteller” too 🙂

    The more we delve into death, the more we realise that it is the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. It is part of a journey and certainly not an ultimate end-game. This is my firm belief and as with all beliefs (as in faith), one does not need to ‘prove’ anything to anyone, I reckon.

    The ‘truth’ will be made known, soon enough 🙂


    1. Well said, my good friend. I also believe that death is not the end of the road, rather it’s a very notable turn and also the start of something new. Something beyond man. Sky’s book is a good read.

      I’m always eager to promote the works of talented authors. I am happy you also do the same on your blog.

  2. Thank you for the informative and interesting review, Uzo. I agree with Eric and Skywalker above–you are both very talented and generous, an laudable and wonderful combination. Cheers!

    1. I dearly appreciate your comment, Chloe. Sky’s book is sure to enlighten and prepare the reader’s mind. Love the stories that took place in Africa.

    1. Oh Ronnie, I am touched and I feel cared for because of your immense concern. I’m preparing myself for lung surgery considering that my respiration hasn’t improved as expected. But before this time I will still be going for therapy with the hope that my respiratory issue is resolved without surgery.

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