Quick Update

Hey folks,

It’s been almost a month since I blogged. You may have wondering if something had gone wrong again. Nothing terrible has happened; I’m doing just fine. While I was away, my focus was on my soap project. I’ve been making small batches of soap using the Closed-System Double-Boiler Hot Process (CSDBHP) method. This method is cheaper and relatively young when compared with the Hot Process (HP). However, an aspect of my production still bothers me. I’m not so pleased with the appearance of my soaps. If I’m going to be a soap manufacturer, which is my aim, then I’ll need to work on this aspect. This entails further experimenting, or forgoing the process if I don’t eventually succeed.

I know my blog serial, We Are Not Cursed, has suffered the most as a result of my inconsistency. Your enthusiasm for the story may have waned in turn. If this truly is how you now feel, I am very sorry. I hope other activities won’t take up my time for writing, or influence me emotionally during the coming weeks. Most of all, I hope I don’t lose my mojo 🙂