We Are Not Cursed: The Story So Far

When Umeh, a wealthy old man and member of the council of noblemen in Ngwo village, receives news of the murder of Nnanna, his only son, he is overcome with grief and pain. He immediately consults the gods of the land, seeking the identity of this murderous lot. But to his surprise, the gods do not respond, neither do they communicate the answer through their handmaid, Okofia—a juju priest.

Desperate, he holds a quick meeting with his brother, Eloka, and close friends Ichie Amaefuna and Ichie Amadi, for which they draw up a plan to unravel the mystery without the permission of the village council. For Umeh, it’s a quick start as opposed to the council’s protocol. But when Eloka’s hot-temperedness gets in the way of the fact-finding mission, Umeh realizes his has made a poor decision by involving his brother.

Confused and apparently out of options, he finally calls on the council to help him. His request however displeases his fellow noblemen who are rather worried about the consequences of his brother’s action. The council demands he forfeits one of his loved ones in order to prevent an imminent war.

Would Umeh act in accordance with the council’s demand? Or would he and his family leave the village of Ngwo now, not caring that his son’s murderers are yet to be brought to justice, not caring that his first daughter, Okuoba, is yet to be initiated into womanhood as required by custom?