Quick Update

Hey folks,

Because of the challenges I’ve experienced of late, I’ve not been able to blog or keep up with your blogs. I regret the situation and hope things will improve. You probably are aware of my blog serial, “We Are Not Cursed.” It’s been a wonderful experience sharing each episode with you. Your comments and support are awesome and will stay with me as long as I draw breath. I can’t say my blogs will be regular in the coming weeks, so I’ve decided I won’t be posting subsequent episodes of my blog serial. I think it is unfair to whet your appetite for the story and then ruin it because I am not able keep up. In its stead, I’ll be posting short stories.

But if you still want to find out  more on Umeh and his family, the story is almost complete (seven episodes to go). Before the year runs out, I am confident it will be ready as an e-book.


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