Self of Rock and Water

Where did all the good ones go? Pic source: Internet
Where did all the good ones go? Pic source: Internet

I wail all day

everyday –

in a well

behind a stone wall

inside my mind

where the riot parade

of thoughts ride afloat –

afloat down stream


I watch salmon swim

up to the sun

which blinds me.




31 thoughts on “Self of Rock and Water

  1. I like the poem, the images of water it evokes. Mostly, water calms me, but in this poem, it cannot settle my riot parade of thoughts. I liked the postscript at the end, it tickled me 🙂

  2. I agree with the others, this poem intrigues me. It’s well written!!
    It’s been a while though, hope you’re ok. I’ve not been blogging regularly as I used to, just once this month! Take care of yourself and my lovely regards to all that is yours!
    Blessings. 🙂

    1. Hello sis,

      Glad to have you comment. Yes, I’ve been away from WordPress for quite some time. Several things have come in the way and there is not a day I fail to think of blogging. I miss reading your posts and that of my other readers. But I’m confident I’ll return soon.

  3. A well will give one focus, until to where a point vanishes, somewhere between distance and time spent at depth, where a well rambles between water, bedrock, and sand. Sometimes the tall grass in the dry season, will hide an open well, It is best to shorten it first.

    1. Hmm. Your perspective on the poem is commendable. Not only do wells at some point dry up, one must not forget other factors–grass for example–that could keep out them of sight and perhaps add to the frustration of a living being in search of water. Metaphorically this perspective shouldn’t be written off. Thanks for commenting, Sean.

  4. As always, a beautiful work of art. I didn’t expect the last few sentences…
    What happens after the sun falls and the salmon flee from the moon? Is there a Part Two?

    1. Uhn-Uhn 🙂 Originally I was trying to talk about depression and pain, but I thought not everyone would like to read it. After all, it’s a universal feeling.

      Thanks for comment and pls accept my apologises for the lateness of the reply.

    1. AH! My good friend, Eric! How do you do? I see this comment of yours have been lying here for a long time. My apologises. I’ve been going through a difficult patch – my fault, for the most part. But I hope to bounce back.

      You take care. Wish you all the best.

    1. Hello Nomzi,

      Yes I did stop by your blog. I’d really love to comment on your posts ( I found some of them equally evocative and captivating) once I return to active blogging later this year.

      I’m hopeful that things will eventually get better; thanks for asking and visiting once again.

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