We Are Not Cursed #19

***Warning: Mature Content. Reader Discretion is advised*** PART NINETEEN Edited by: Darlene Jones He watched Ekwutosilim as she strode up the manicured path, her slender hips swaying seductively in her tattered short piece of goat skin. The girl led a promiscuous life. None of her fellow servants were aware of her secret cowries, the way … More We Are Not Cursed #19

We Are Not Cursed #16

PART SIXTEEN Edited by: Darlene Jones     The melon-shaped beads looked fantastic. Okuoba thought the dark red would complement her mahogany skin. However, what was left undone of the ornamentation process was drawing up the beads on a string to form bracelets and a necklace needed for the upcoming Mputa ezi ceremony. “You don’t … More We Are Not Cursed #16