Late yesterday, I received an email stating that I’d just won the March edition of Isuu’s online short-story contest ( Man! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I shouted for joy only to realize shortly afterwards that I was still at work. Trust my colleagues, they  gathered round immediately, read and said: “Congrats! Uzo, we told you it would happen some day!”

And finally, it has arrived! I’m in cloud nine! This must be a glimpse of Heaven.

Turning The Pages Newsletter (March Edition)


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Dear friends, allow me to show you the first paragraph from my very first published work (When Your Killer Could Have Been A Child Soldier):

Although the Liberian war is now over, I cannot wish away the memories. There are nights in my sleep when I still find myself dressed in army uniform, AK-47 ready. On these nights I hear the voices of parents calling their children; others joking, shouting: “Where’s your bunker?” The air cracks and I hear the sounds of diving jets and stuttering LMGs. Fire, blood, bullets and bodies everywhere. Things soon simmer to normal as danger passes. People fill the streets, young boys and girls going on various errands. Then he appears in a blood-stained enemy uniform. His oily dark face is teased with abandon. He’s about to aim his rifle at me. In my dreams, he dies in different ways. I’m his killer. Something tells me that he is my son. But I’m too afraid to believe it.

For the rest of the story, please follow the link below:

You can find it from page 10-13.

I want to thank you all for your comments and continual support, especially those of you who have been very vocal about your desire to see me in print. Only Heaven knows how much you all mean to me. This is a dream come true. Hopefully, not the last of the good things to come!

In fact, I almost feel like crying.