Taste of Your Love

C’mon in tonight
I’ve been lonesome
I’ve been empty like
a well in long drought
Sitting here, still listening
to many a love song,
the dreamer’s road
where all I can see is you –
finer than rainbow rings,
lovelier than the scent
of a thousand blooming roses.
as couples unite
and find love in the middle
of their warm embrace
all I want is you…
to come over without
the look of a stranger in your eyes
And without delay, your fingers
fitting perfectly between mine
as you love the all of me.
Maybe I’m too poor
to drive you around in fancy cars
or send you a basket of roses
or bathe you in a shower of diamonds
But it’s the thought of you
that gives my heart no rest
So I ask that you be with me
even if it were just this once.

photo credit: fineartphotographysite.com


Where Your Heart Lies (Theme III: Love)







Teasing, turning,
I can feel you, my love
in the gentle winds
arriving with your scent,
the sweet smell on the
of your skin
so soft I can feel you near;
your hands tracing lines
of desire on my chest.

I hear your call
I hear it in the music
of the pines,
the ethereal melodies
that bring me to the west –
the place we’ve made a home.

Today, the sun is at full gold;
it’s the vision of your
warm smile that appears
in my dreams and makes
me call out your name.

No more will I endure the distance
for without you, my love,
I’m a lone tree on barren land,
a castle without an army,
a knight without honor.

So I’ll return to you, my love,
for home is where your heart lies,
where mine will beat forever safe.