We Are Not Cursed #10

PART TEN  Edited by: Darlene Jones     Wide-eyed, Okuoba took in Ibeabuchi’s alarming new face that screamed of something unusual. “Someone? You mean someone like a gossipmonger?” She lifted her hands up a bit, exposing both palms. “I—I don’t understand.” Ibeabuchi said in a low desperate tone, “Now is not the time for questions. … More We Are Not Cursed #10

We Are Not Cursed #8

PART EIGHT Edited by: Darlene Jones       “Ha! It seems there were more girls in attendance today.” “The dedication … It’s about to happen soon, right?” The older of the two servant girls moved closer to Okuoba, eliciting an answer from her with a knowing smile. Not too far in front of them, … More We Are Not Cursed #8