Self of Rock and Water

Where did all the good ones go? Pic source: Internet
Where did all the good ones go? Pic source: Internet

I wail all day

everyday –

in a well

behind a stone wall

inside my mind

where the riot parade

of thoughts ride afloat –

afloat down stream


I watch salmon swim

up to the sun

which blinds me.




Poetry Book Review: Suroor of the Soul

Cover Photo of Suroor of the Soul. Pic source: Amazon
Cover Photo of Suroor of the Soul. Pic source: Amazon

With the various styles and contributions to contemporary poetry, “Suroor of the Soul” makes for an uplifting and fascinating reading. It’s a meticulously sectioned book co-authored by Soumya Vilekar and Shaheen Dhanji; two wonderful poetesses whose love for nature, true happiness, metaphysical knowledge and exploration, soul discovery and its ultimate journey cumulatively amplifies a reader scopes via their poems.

Not short of fine imagery—a few of which are subtle or complex judging by their metaphysical exponent—or verse paragraphs of commendable artistic quality, both poetesses seek to approach their audience in four ways (sections). Section-I gives credence to the soul, its birth, growth and endeavor. A poem from this section that sits nicely with me and I think I’ll still remember for some time to come is The Lost Fawn. A touching narrative, it metaphorically points to man’s journey through life and his interaction with the divine. Section-II is a smooth continuation of the first section where the soul seeks love in others, the failure and heartaches that may come as a result, and then its new purpose to establish a path to true happiness. Section-III is an elaborate  effort via words and rhythm that tells of the soul’s voyage; the quest to discover the divine power—God Himself. This is most evident in a poem like God or Religion, a poem of the mortal and divine dialogues. Section-IV, a conclusive portion, proudly cradles the title of the book. In this section, we are acquainted with the joy and ecstasy the soul goes through at last and about the craving to become the “perfect being” after it must’ve realize the power behind surrendering to the will of its Maker.

Overall, the poetry book does not wish to give the impression that there is a particular religion or channel that can effectively connect man with his Maker or Diviner Ruler. The fact is, however, that both poetesses have recognized that true happiness can indeed be achieved through self-discovery, recognition of real beauty, and exploration of where the soul could possibly reach.

After reading this book, I can say that I now appreciate metaphysics, a branch of philosophy, even more. Also, there is a new sense in poetry presentation and healthy thoughts about religion and spiritualism  that comes with the book.

If you like poetry with a touch metaphysics and insight into spiritualism, true happiness, and religion then this book is for you.

*I have received a free copy of this book in return for a review*






Bronze Figurative Sculpture of Man in Struggle
Bronze Figurative Sculpture of Man in Struggle

Look at me:
I’m half man,
half a heart,
the other part
is reeling
on the floor with laughter
while I try to give reason
to what’s left of me to fight.

This pain;
it’s one of the many stings that returns…
Legion that pries me open and rapes my senses
and burns me in agonizing bits

I’m praying,
I’m bleeding
I’m pouring ruby-red regret
on this dying self
I’m screaming, hoarse and untamed,
till they reach the heights above–or if they will

Can You hear me?
Or do You now count me
among the lost and forgotten…
banished to walk
this metal hell of a road?

My God
My tourniquet
let me drink from your salvation’s pool,
to cast upon your white doors
the reflection of a battered soul
In need of the grave,
I dare to close
these misted eyes

Taste of Your Love

C’mon in tonight
I’ve been lonesome
I’ve been empty like
a well in long drought
Sitting here, still listening
to many a love song,
the dreamer’s road
where all I can see is you –
finer than rainbow rings,
lovelier than the scent
of a thousand blooming roses.
as couples unite
and find love in the middle
of their warm embrace
all I want is you…
to come over without
the look of a stranger in your eyes
And without delay, your fingers
fitting perfectly between mine
as you love the all of me.
Maybe I’m too poor
to drive you around in fancy cars
or send you a basket of roses
or bathe you in a shower of diamonds
But it’s the thought of you
that gives my heart no rest
So I ask that you be with me
even if it were just this once.

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