We Are Not Cursed #19

***Warning: Mature Content. Reader Discretion is advised*** PART NINETEEN Edited by: Darlene Jones He watched Ekwutosilim as she strode up the manicured path, her slender hips swaying seductively in her tattered short piece of goat skin. The girl led a promiscuous life. None of her fellow servants were aware of her secret cowries, the way … More We Are Not Cursed #19

Taste of Your Love

C’mon in tonight I’ve been lonesome I’ve been empty like a well in long drought Sitting here, still listening to many a love song, taking the dreamer’s road where all I can see is you – finer than rainbow rings, lovelier than the scent of a thousand blooming roses. Tonight, as couples unite and find … More Taste of Your Love

Illimitable Beauty by Skywalker Payne

It could have been dismissed as forgetfulness or wasteful thinking but Jewel, a science teacher, is not taking this particular feeling lightly. Not even the sceptical remark of her close girlfriend, Diane, is able to dissuade her from paying attention to this ‘out-of-body’ experience. The more her mind seesaws from her conscious state to realms … More Illimitable Beauty by Skywalker Payne