Death is a haunting and rarely discussed topic. To man, it is the end of a phase or life here on Earth. But is this really so? Have we taken a moment to pause and reflect on death, the way we want to embrace this inescapable moment? In her book, “The Ultimate Wonder—World Stories … More THE ULTIMATE WONDER—WORLD STORIES ILLUMINATING DEATH by Skywalker Storyteller

We Are Not Cursed #10

PART TEN  Edited by: Darlene Jones     Wide-eyed, Okuoba took in Ibeabuchi’s alarming new face that screamed of something unusual. “Someone? You mean someone like a gossipmonger?” She lifted her hands up a bit, exposing both palms. “I—I don’t understand.” Ibeabuchi said in a low desperate tone, “Now is not the time for questions. … More We Are Not Cursed #10

We Are Not Cursed #8

PART EIGHT Edited by: Darlene Jones       “Ha! It seems there were more girls in attendance today.” “The dedication … It’s about to happen soon, right?” The older of the two servant girls moved closer to Okuoba, eliciting an answer from her with a knowing smile. Not too far in front of them, … More We Are Not Cursed #8

We Are Not Cursed #7

PS: My apologies  for posting this installment a day late. I had issues with my ISP yesterday. Anyways, enjoy… PART SEVEN Edited by: Darlene Jones       Amaefuna stopped his pottery wheel at the sight of his son approaching. With a small keg of palm wine clutched to his hairy chest Ibeabuchi staggered into … More We Are Not Cursed #7

We Are Not Cursed #6

PART SIX Edited by: Darlene Jones     It was unlike Okofia to remain silent. Umeh shifted in his wooden seat, his gaze still fixed on the juju priest. Had all divine consultations proved abortive? Or had the gods finally disclosed the identities of Nnanna’s killers? The latter possibility, if affirmed, would allow him to … More We Are Not Cursed #6