Where Your Heart Lies (Theme III: Love)







Teasing, turning,
I can feel you, my love
in the gentle winds
arriving with your scent,
the sweet smell on the
of your skin
so soft I can feel you near;
your hands tracing lines
of desire on my chest.

I hear your call
I hear it in the music
of the pines,
the ethereal melodies
that bring me to the west –
the place we’ve made a home.

Today, the sun is at full gold;
it’s the vision of your
warm smile that appears
in my dreams and makes
me call out your name.

No more will I endure the distance
for without you, my love,
I’m a lone tree on barren land,
a castle without an army,
a knight without honor.

So I’ll return to you, my love,
for home is where your heart lies,
where mine will beat forever safe.