We Are Not Cursed #19

***Warning: Mature Content. Reader Discretion is advised*** PART NINETEEN Edited by: Darlene Jones He watched Ekwutosilim as she strode up the manicured path, her slender hips swaying seductively in her tattered short piece of goat skin. The girl led a promiscuous life. None of her fellow servants were aware of her secret cowries, the way … More We Are Not Cursed #19

We Are Not Cursed #2

(Part Two) Edited by: Darlene Jones Like a gardener, he had watched Okuoba grow. Now, the sight of her stirred him. For more than five full moons, he had suffered this exquisite distress even in his sleep. The face was the first place people looked to determine whether a woman was beautiful or not before … More We Are Not Cursed #2

Taste of Your Love

C’mon in tonight I’ve been lonesome I’ve been empty like a well in long drought Sitting here, still listening to many a love song, taking the dreamer’s road where all I can see is you – finer than rainbow rings, lovelier than the scent of a thousand blooming roses. Tonight, as couples unite and find … More Taste of Your Love

Two Poems

HEART MUSIC Candlelights, music of the heart. Invite me with a kiss, your eyes my guiding stars. Lay on me your perfumed hands, hands softer than fur. Garments undone. Perfect bed for two.   EXPLORING BEAUTY Most maidenly quartermoon drunk with our passion while in sweat and heat our bodies embrace tis’ fleeting repose. I … More Two Poems